What is Four Elements

The Four Elements is a stone industry group that is focused on building, promoting and distributing our business brands around the world under a long term and ethics paradigm.

Combining the strengths and knowledge about manufacturing and distribution, in 2013 we founded The Four Elements, entering, initially, in the European Market and now starting into American and Asian economies.

The company is managed by a team of dynamic professionals and experienced individuals who bring world class expertise to the Group. This adds significant strength to the company as it moves forward with its aggressive domestic and international expansion plans.

The Four Elements maintains its commitment to develop its brand equity, points of distribution and marketing presence. With this comes accountability in promoting an entrepreneurial work culture that is engaging, strategic and creative; providing the foundation for a rapid-growth organization. Our goal is to improve our brand’s distribution foot print by implementing a strong sales model, whether trade or retail. By ensuring all the channels of distribution are provided with the proper product knowledge and tools, sales expectations are not only met, but exceeded. With a global reach to expand our brand to America, Europe, Middle East and Asia. Each market needs an individual strategy to establish their presence in the market place. The Four Elements has a very aggressive sales plan by targeting specific markets individually.

The goal is to keep improving sales at a consistent pace by supporting current points of distribution and simultaneously expanding brand presence in new territories.





Is 4E just another quartz brand? We say YES. While 4E is a quartz brand committing to the highest quality standards, just as the worldwide well-known brands do, there are some important differences to consider. The main difference is our business model where cooperation and networking with the “4E family” provides exclusive opportunities.

Apart from becoming even stronger due to a PRICE advantage against your competition, we offer flexible distribution models, protected partnerships, and 4E has exclusive colors and the purest white in the market. Our cut-to-size program is another partner exclusive, allowing you to be even more competitive on large commercial projects.

4E is a fully certified product including NSF, GREENGUARD and CE. This makes 4E ideal for any project including those in healthcare, education, hospitality and food service. Four Elements is committed not only to the highest quality standards, but also to delivering a business model helping you to achieve total success. It doesn’t matter if you are a distributor, wholesaler, fabricator or architect, Four Elements has an EXCLUSIVE option that will allow your business to become stronger and experience a higher level of market penetration.

We believe in our people, but we also know quality and service are key to achieving total success. This is why we have created such a wide range of colors and offer exclusive manufacturing capabilities to our partners.