Warranty Four Elements

4e offers the consumers a 10 years warranty in all our countertops. 4e products have demanding quality controls and offer an excellent qualification for everyone’s kitchen.

1. This warranty is valid during the 10 years after the registration date.

2. This warranty is only applicable to manufacturing imperfections that affect the used materials during the elaboration process, by the marble cutter, of the Technological Quartz 4e installed in particular residences.

3. In order to obtain assistance during this warranty, you should contact the establishment where the purchase of the product was made, or directly with FOUR ELEMENTS.

4. This warranty is applicable to the material that has been used and maintained by following the maintenance and conservation rules, and by having the precautions explained by FOUR ELEMENTS.

5. The beneficiary of this warranty will have to allow the authorized employees by FOUR ELEMENTS the access the house in order to examine the defective product and take pictures of the material and installation imperfections.

6. It will be necessary to have been registered, according this document, and give the original receipt in order to be able to use this warranty. In the case of acquisition of a new house of new promotion, we understand as the receipt the house purchase contract. It is allowed a maximum of 6 months from the receipt date to register the 10 Year 4e Warranty.

7. Those products that have not been completely paid are excluded from this warranty.

8. This warranty does not cover installed products in the exterior, neither the derivate damages of an incorrect use, of the exposition to excessive heat, exposition to meteorological conditions, exposition to the ultraviolet light, physical or chemical abuse, or damages caused by an inappropriate care and maintenance.

9. This warranty does not cover the derivative defects from the manipulation, cut or installation procedures in an inappropriate way. This responsibility will be to the professional/installation engineer.

10. This warranty does not cover any cost per measured cut, neither of the installation. In the same, it does not cover other additional costs derivative from other repairs or modifications such as repairs or walls, plumbing, etc.

11. FOUR ELEMENTS if not responsible of the transportation of the material from the replacement to the client address.

12. This warranty does not cover installed products with manufactured defects known or visible in the moment of the installation, including, without any limitation, possible differences of color or tone.

13. This warranty excludes expressly, installations in road surfaces, cladding or similar, as well as commercial uses.

14. FOUR ELEMENTS is not responsible of the damage caused in its totaly or partially in fortuitous acts, architectonical design or engineering, structural movement, vandalism acts or accidents.

15. This warranty limited is personal and not-transferrable, to the physical person that registers his/her personal information acording to he instructions explained later.

16. This is the unique warranty offered by FOUR ELEMENTS to its technological quartz countertop. No one different to FOUR ELEMENTS is authorized to do any warranty agreement related to technological quartz FOUR ELEMENTS.

17. FOUR ELEMENTS has its right to replace the defective material in the case that in the moment of thevreclamation the product in unlisted.